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The Answers You Need

How do I join?

A step by step guide for joining our society and classes:

1) Purchase a membership from EUSA

    Both Student and Non-Student Semester/Full Year membership options are available for purchase, find pricing info here

    We require you to purchase a membership for insurance purposes.

    Click here to buy a membership

2) Request to become a member of our Members Facebook Page

    Search 'Members Pole Dancing Society - Edinburgh Uni' on Facebook

    Request to become a member, responses are usually given within 48 hours.

    You will only be accepted if we can see you have bought your membership.

3) Fill out the online PAR-Q Form

    This is a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. We must collect these from every member each year for insurance purposes.

    The form can be found on the website HERE.

4) Book into classes via the online booking system (info in the 'Booking' section)

    In order to join a class you MUST have a booked space via TeamUp.

    For online classes you will receive your Zoom link (and password, if necessary) via email.

    In-person classes are only released to members via the Facebook Members Page (see step 2).

I've made a TeamUp account but I cannot see In-Person classes to book?

You must have bought an EUPDS membership to access In-Person classes (see "How do I join?" FAQ above)

Once you have made your TeamUp account it needs to be updated with a membership in order for you to be able to see and book in-person classes. This is done manually by EUPDS Committee Members. As a result, when you first create your TeamUp account you will not be able to see in-person classes until we have done this. This is usually done on the same day, but please be patient, it does not happen automatically.

  • Do not contact us about this on the same day your TeamUp account is made. Please be patient.

  • Please do not contact us about this outside of the hours 10am - 6pm.

  • We recommend making your TeamUp account in good time before the Sunday 6PM Weekly In-Person Class Release to ensure your account is ready in time for booking.

  • Many of our in-person class spaces fill up at each Sunday Class Release (especially Beginners Classes). Therefore, if you make your account after this, you are likely not missing out on booking by having to wait for your account to be manually updated - you have missed the booking release for that week and it is likely the spaces are already full.

  • We do make sure all accounts are updated before each Sunday 6PM release.

Do I need to be a Student?

Our society is open to both students and non-students.

Non-students just need to purchase the non-student membership linked above.

Where is it?

Our studio is located in the Highland Room in Pleasance Courtyard, Salisbury Block. 

Click Here for the Map

Online classes are done via Zoom - a link is sent to email you signed up with before the class starts.

Do I need experience?

We offer classes from complete beginners to advanced level so all are welcome! No previous experience is needed.

What level of pole class should I join?

2021-10-03 (2)_edited.jpg

Do I need to lose weight or be fit to do pole?

Not at all! Pole is for everybody of all weights, shapes, and sizes. If you have any doubts or concerns about this feel free to reach out to us

I have no upper body strength, I can’t do pole!

Yes you can! It seems daunting at first but remember that we all start from the bottom and we work with what we’ve got - our instructors make sure you only do what you can manage, we don’t expect you to be pro athletes when you first begin! You’ll find that if you stick at it, you will improve with time, just like any other sport!

What happens if I cannot make a class, but I’ve already booked?

Don’t worry, bookings can be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hours before your class via TeamUp.

*If you can't make your class and it’s less than 24 hours before the class, you can (and should) still cancel but you will not be refunded. This will count as a No Show.

*If you book an In-Person class and do not show up this will be counted as a No Show.

*COVID Restricted Class Policy [Last Updated: 18/09/2021]

Is pole dancing really for me? Are your classes really open to anyone?

We welcome all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, and abilities to join our society and classes - they truly are a space for everyone and anyone! If you have any questions or worries about this please do feel free to reach out to us.

What do we have to wear for pole? Do I have to be half naked all the time??

At the beginners classes you can wear a T-shirt and leggings no problem, but as you progress, you will require more skin contact with the pole to be able to grip on properly, so will need to wear pole shorts and a crop top. Here at EUPDS we celebrate our differences, and we create a comfortable and encouraging environment.

Will it hurt?

In beginners classes you will be practising pretty spins which won’t require a lot of skin contact, however changes as you progress. Pole dancing relies on a lot skin contact to be able to grip onto the pole, and it is inevitable there will be some bruising and mild friction burns as you become more advanced.

Here at EUPDS we wear our pole bruises with pride! You will never be pushed to do something you’re uncomfortable with. Instructors will be there to support you, and you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do.

Where can I buy kit for pole dancing?

We sell our own brand EUPDS kit and merchandise, at a discounted price compared to most pole apparel stores.
There are other popular sites you might want to have a look at also; Badkitty, Dragonfly, Rad, Pole Hog, Pole Junkie. 

Do I need to be flexible/strong to do pole?

Nope! Anyone of all fitness, strength and flexibility can start pole, as you build it up with each class!

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