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We are running in-person classes during the academic year (September-May)


Our studio time slots are assigned by the Students' Association, and therefore we are not able to run classes over the Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks. Our studio time is limited, but we are working hard to expand the timetable whenever possible.

In-Person classes can only be purchased by members - you do not need to be a university student to become a member.

Online classes (if running) can be accessed and purchased by anyone!

Please read the 'How do I join?' section of our FAQs before booking classes.

You will not be able to view and book in-person classes until all the steps from this section are complete.

Classes become available to book every Sunday at 6PM

PLEASE NOTE: Certain in-person classes will currently be limited to 1 class per person per week. Online classes will not be limited. These limits are due to EUSA & COVID restrictions and will be changed as soon as we have the capacity to! In the meantime please bear with us and know we are working as hard as we can to do everything we can for the society and its members.

Pole Love x

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