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We are running (limited) in-person & online classes this semester!

In-Person classes can only be purchased by members.

Online classes can be accessed and purchased by anyone!

You must fill out an online PAR-Q Form before booking or attending any our classes.

Booking In-Person Classes (Membership Required):

1. Once you have purchased a membership, join us on the EUPDS Member Only Facebook Page 'Members Pole Dancing Society - Edinburgh Uni' for links to booking classes, updates and information about any timetable changes, workshops, and more!


Membership requests will only be accepted if you have already paid for Society Membership. This can be done via EUSA:


2. Create a TeamUp account (our booking server) HERE

TeamUp accounts are then updated with a membership manually by the EUPDS committee. As a result, when you first create the account you will not be able to see in-person classes till we have done this. This is usually done on the same day, but please be patient.
Do not contact us about this on the same day your TeamUp account has been made, nor outside of the hours 10am-6pm. We recommend making your TeamUp account in good time before the Sunday 6PM in-person class release to ensure your account is ready for booking.

PLEASE NOTE: In-Person Classes will currently be limited to 1 class per person per week. Online classes will not be limited. These limits are due to EUSA & COVID restrictions and will be changed as soon as we have the capacity to! In the meantime please bare with us and know we are working as hard as we can to do everything we can for the society and it's members.

Pole Love x

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